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Logic meets action! Try to clear each of the 125 levels by shooting colored stones against other stones. If three or more comes together they explode. 4 game types and many powerups!

Beebo Deluxe

Help Beebo and his friends build hives in this fast-paced match-3 casual game. Visit new locations, earn power-ups, and decorate hives!


A very nice and fast breakout game with three different game worlds and many bricks. Enjoy nice music and the brand new arcade style of this classic genre game.

KaromatiX - Freeware (only in german language)

This game contains many levels but only one game type. But it is for free! ...

Download KaromatiX.zip (4 MB)

TSteroids - Freeware

Asteroids - game

TSteroids.zip (5 MB)
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Lowgiga - Freeware

Mastermind - clone
2D and 3D ?!

Lowgiga.zip (2 MB)
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Sechsex - Freeware

Color puzzle game.
Sechsex1 (1 MB)
Sechsex2 (1 MB)
Sechsex3 (1 MB)

Minis games - Freeware

Three little games..
TSReaktion(0.2 MB)
TriCliXXX(0.5 MB)
TSipTSap(0.4 MB)