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About TSSpiele.de

TSSpiele is developing freeware and shareware games for PC since 2003. You can download them at this pages.
Actually there are three games in english - KaromatiX2 , Tekkout and HoneyHivePuzzle.
The other TSSpiele games are only in german language.

I hope you enjoy the games!


Niedercrossen 38
09306 Erlau

If you have any questions about TSSpiele - games feel free to contact me at (e-mail) :



The TSSpiele homepage and all the graphics here are copyrighted by TSSpiele. You are not allowed to use
them for your own projects.

TSSpiele - statistics

visitors since June 2003: about 86.000; most downloaded game: KaromatiX - about 110.000 downloads;
all downloads: about 280.000 (since january 2003); day with most visitors: 25th june 2006
with 350 visitors; about 50 visitors per day